Are you in search of a pleasant and peaceful weekend? If you are tired of your Mondays all through your Fridays, then we have the perfect getaway for you! Presenting to you, Aashiyaanaa Villa Classic Premium, which is just another word for spectacular. Bust off some steam by coming to Classic Premium. Set in Lonavala, this Villa can make you have one of the most lavish experiences of all time!

Aashiyaanaa Villa is huge and spacious. More than 15 people can stay here at a time! This Villa was built in the epicentre of mountains, because of which you can get amazing views from the terrace. You can sit in your terrace sipping your coffee and enjoy breathtaking sceneries of Lonavala.

The Villa has an outdoor garden, where you can spend time with your loved ones, maybe catch up with your old friends. The garden is lush and is well kept and well maintained at all times.

The lush garden is so huge that it is also compatible for bonfire and barbeque. You could definitely think of spending one of those authentic nights with your friends and family with various games and endless talks,which would keep you clinged around the fire! Along with this, this Villa also provides you with a private outdoor pool, where you can relax and give time for yourself. With Pool being well – maintained and adequate, you would surely feel refreshed.  

The interiors of Aashiyaanaa Villa Classic Premium looks aesthetically beautiful. The Villa has 4 luxurious bedrooms, fully air-conditioned and fully furnished. It offers king sized beds for your comfort and bathrooms with baths! The sitting room is extremely huge, with a flat screen TV and great sound systems. The property is so huge that yours no family members or friends would be left out during your stay at villa and would not be precluded from having a great time!

The Villa also offers free wi-fi. And there are butlers in the Villa who will be at your service at all times and will make sure that you don’t go through any difficulties! We also provide you with chefs who will prepare amazing and mouth-watering dishes for you! 

Aashiyaanaa Villa will find a place in your heart instantly. It is one of the most beautiful and pocket-friendly holiday homes that you will ever come across! So, pack your bags and get going!