If you are looking for a place to chill this weekend or want to just bust off some steam, then we have just the place for you. We present to you, Aashiyaanaa Villa – Grand, which is the most perfect place to be for the weekends with your family and friends! With all the qualities of an ideal holiday home, Grand offers a pleasant stay.

Aashiyaanaa Villa Grand is a well-furnished luxurious 4BHK villa with a private lush garden, which has a variety of flowers and bushes.

You can conduct various events there, like family get-togethers, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. You can enjoy an amazing view of the sunset and mountains while drink in your coffee from the balcony. Experience scenic view of this place and chirping of birds.

Along with this, we provide you with a modest private pool, where you can have a blissful time with your friends or family.

There is also a barbecue grill facility for our guests. The delicious and mouth-watering food prepared by our chefs is something you cannot miss. It also has a playing area that has swings and slides for children to play as well, which makes it a perfect holiday place for all ages.

Our Villa consists of four beautiful and cosy air-conditioned rooms, fully furnished. All bedrooms have comfortable beds where you can lay back and have a peaceful time!  Plus, all rooms have attached bathrooms for your convenience. Along with this, the Villa also has a huge living room with Indian sitting. There is also a full-fledged kitchen, where the chefs prepare the most delicious cuisines. There are 3 butlers in the Villa, who will be at your service throughout the stay.

The Villa also offers free wi-fi, so if you have any pending work, then you can have access to the internet. More than 15 people at a time can easily fit into the Villa and will be comfortable as it is a huge and spacious property. There is also a manager who will make sure that you have an enjoyable stay. If there come any problems, then the manager will make sure to fix the issues no matter what.

Aashiyaanaa Villa Grand feels like home and is the best place to spend your weekend. It will provide you with a luxurious time. So, book it now!