It’s rainy season, the weather is cloudy you’re heading somewhere without an umbrella hoping that it doesn’t rain.

While walking you suddenly hear a thunder in the sky and as you look up a raindrop brushes through your cheek, you’re eyes reflex and you go down a memory lane.

Liking for this season may vary from person to person, but one thing that keeps everyone together is how we enjoyed rains in our childhood. Some of the best memories were making paper boats and letting them float in puddles, jumping in water willingly to splash it on someone else and so much more.

According to me the best part about monsoon is travelling in rains, doesn’t matter if it’s a road trip, train journey or just walking somewhere. Sometimes it’s just the atmosphere that brings the peace.

Everyone has a different perspective regarding monsoon. Some might like to enjoy rainfall with their loved ones, while few love playing in the rains & some people make the most out of monsoon season by having hot pakoras during rain.

The happiest moment for you can be the time when you’re travelling and you find a Chai, pakoras or Bhutta(corn) stall along the roadside.

Monsoon – the best time to visit a hill station, where your mind meets your soul. You meet new people, explore more places, admire the nature around you. The mountains, waterfalls, fresh trees and grass but most importantly you enjoy to the fullest.

Rainy season is not only about the outdoors but also plays an important role in connecting everyone indoors. It’s raining outside, the internet is weak, the TV has no signal. Yes, that’s when you make the most of it by reconnecting with friends and family.

Everyone sees monsoon season differently. Doesn’t matter if you can or cannot do something outdoor while it’s raining but one thing that almost everyone can do is just sit near the window, get cozy with your blanket, a cup of Chai and just enjoy the droplets falling against your windowsill while getting lost in the moment. Because as I said Sometimes it’s just the atmosphere that brings the peace.