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Aashiyaanaa Villa — Meadows

Type: 3-Bedrooms


House No– 156,
Aapti Dhamandara,

+91-96194 34981 | 98206 36957 | 9833412095

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Luxurious Getaway at Aashiyaanaa Villa - Meadow

Tucked away in the picturesque hills of Pawna, Lonavala, Meadow offers a premium 3-bedroom villa escape. This fully furnished luxury retreat provides the ultimate amenities for an indulgent stay.Relax in style with your own private pool, lush landscaped gardens, cozy games room, and panoramic viewing deck. The entire air-conditioned villa features attached balconies to soak in breathtaking scenic views.

Meadow comes fully staffed with services on call and chef-curated meal packages for a hassle-free experience. Unwind in modern comfort surrounded by nature’s tranquility. Whether a romantic couples’ getaway or a family holiday, Aashiyaanaa Villa’s Meadow promises a rejuvenating luxury retreat. Leave the world behind and create unforgettable memories in this exclusive hilltop paradise.


Enjoy these facilities at Meadows

Aashiyaanaa Villa offers a bunch of world-class facilities and amenities. Listed below are most salient of inclusions that you will get while staying in Aashiyaanaa Villa. Along with these amenities, you will also get three butlers for your assistance and a manager to cater all your needs.

Air Conditioning

Private Swimming Pool

Meal Packages

Landscaped Garden

Smart LED TV

Car Parking


Balcony & Viewing Deck

Barbecue Available



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