Welcome to the next season of the year! As we bid adieu to the refreshing monsoon and walk into the nostalgic autumn, let us take you on a ride of all the things you could do at the onset of this new season!

Autumn is the season of reminiscing, reading books while curled up in a chair, spending cozy evenings wrapped up in blankets, drowning in delicious warm tea/coffee, and relaxing and de-stressing to the max! Autumn is also about shedding, whether it be the leaves on trees or your worries. This year, Aashiyaanaa villas will provide you with the best tools to shed your stress with their exquisite collection of villas.

Whether your favorite vacation location is Lonavala or Mahabaleshwar, or even Mumbai, we have you covered! Our brand offers the best, fully-furnished villas with tasteful amenities crafted to your liking, which will now make your stay feel like royalty! Whether it is a small getaway that you desire or a grand holiday with family and friends, we have it all prepared for you.

Our website showcases a grand variety of villas – from cozy 3 bedrooms to grand 6 bedrooms – our villas provide a sense of comfort and taste suited to match the vibes of autumn. Equipped with the best amenities and situated in the lap of nature, these villas should be at the top of your ultimate destination!

By now, you must be all excited and imagining a perfect autumn vacay in your favorite spots, aren’t you? If yes, then what are you waiting for? All you have to do is select the villa that best suits your taste, and enjoy your days in the luxurious lap of Aashiyaanaa. Bon, voyage!