That time of the year has arrived, which excites everyone in India. The wedding season has arrived! It is a time to spend quality time with your loved ones, to get dressed in the finest outfits, and to eat and drink to your heart’s content.

Weddings aren’t complete without the presence of luxury, splendour, and resplendence. In simple words, weddings aren’t complete without Aashiyaanaa! Our massive collection of handpicked villas for each kind of wedding is awaiting you eagerly, but are you ready for them?

Aashiyaanaa Villas aren’t your average villas, they are the epitome of class and comfort. Equipped with commodious bedrooms, bathrooms, BBQ services, expansive cuisines, and massive lawns, these villas provide the ultimate comfort to their guests.

It all depends upon you, who has the ultimate power. Whether you like grand weddings with a beautiful pool outside or you prefer the quiet, intimate ones with just close family and friends, we have every option for you! From the Waterfront, a super luxurious villa in Lonavala with a beautiful view of the mountains, to the Majestic, a palatial villa located amidst the Western ghats in Mahabaleshwar, we have it all!

Each of these villas is located with jaw-dropping views and is the perfect way to spend your best days in. Wouldn’t you want to spend the most important day of your life amidst serene nature? If yes, then happiness and luxury are just one click away!